TCO is the leader in Technology-Driven Land Solutions. Our proprietary platform drives a higher level of efficiency, productivity and accuracy, all backed by our 60-year track record. We recognize the complexities of land services and have always strived for a better way to do things.

Land Service business processes need to be efficient. Our motto is “only do a task once”. Whether it’s downloading and briefing a document, securing curative, compiling notification lists, creating a chain of title or running a report, we don’t believe in repetitive and inefficient tasks. 

New technologies have helped operators dramatically improve the productivity of drilling operations and boosted returns, and in the same spirit TCO has applied innovated information technology to deliver a higher level of efficiency, service and quality to Land Services. At TCO we have become masters of efficiency by:

  • Using resources and personnel in the most cost effective way possible
  • Developing and utilizing our proprietary software to eliminate rework and duplicate documents

7th Annual Big Oil Ski Bus

Join us for the next Big Oil Ski Bus. We will leave Section DD of the Woolly Mammoth parking lot in Morrison Link to Woolly Mammoth parking lot:  https://goo.gl/maps/scTPz 

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