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Built By Landmen

We developed TitleSuite so we can be the most efficient for our clients. Our software was created by landmen to maximize productivity and save time.

A Better Product

With TitleSuite, our
in-house process is streamlined to provide our clients a superior product that continually benefits future projects.

Cost Effective

We pass our time savings and efficiency on to our clients saving them money. The use of TitleSuite is included in every project at no additional cost.

Technology-Driven Services

President and CEO Pam Cortese talks about how TCO became the leader in Technology-Driven Land Services and how it benefits our clients. 

We do more with less


When you use TCO you get all the benefits of TitleSuite included with every project. Here are some of the ways that you get more with TCO:


View projects online from the very outset and monitor progress, access data and dig into documents at any stage in the timeline of land services. Always be in the know with TCO.


Cloud delivery and digital data storage means that you can access your land service records from anywhere, easily, allowing clients to get the information they need when they need it, where they need it.


Your data, records and documents are safe and secure. No one except those you authorize has access and TCO does not share records or data among clients or sell data, period.


Every title, abstract document and reports are formatted the same – standardized no matter what landman is preparing the report, resulting in a work product that is consistent, comprehensive and high quality.


All documents are searchable and digital, so you can navigate to find the documents you need easily, saving you time, money and trips to rooms filled with Banker Boxes.


Land documents are vital corporate assets and are needed at every stage of the Land Service Lifecycle. Our technology ic across the entirety of the life of an asset, from title examination to divestiture, TitleSuite is built for all of it.

Technology enhanced
land services

TitleSuite allows us to be masters in efficiency. With technology backing every project, our clients receive organized, interactive, and memorialized projects that are easily accessed from anywhere. 


Drilling Title Curative

Accelerates, organizes and simplifies the DOTO title curing process in a shared group setting. Easily track in real-time all requirements in every spacing unit. As with the TACT database, TitleRx utilizes common curative to reduce redundancies. This saves time, overall cost and facilitates fast and efficient title curing. 


Notification Lists

The RollCall module stores and memorializes all parties eligible for notification per individual state requirement for any given DSU, automatically populated with addresses with duplicate owners removed to save time and cost while reducing the risk of missing a required notice.


Ownership Database

UnitVision allows you to instantly evaluate multiple acreage combination scenarios of any size or depth to maximize company leasehold or NRI in a given DSU. Mix and match any combination of lands and interests to see the impact of inclusion or exclusion on various lease NRIs for acquisition, acreage swaps or federal unit configuration, all with the click of a mouse.


Visual Title Chain and Ownership Report Creation

 TitleTree is TCO’s groundbreaking innovation and the industry’s original visual and interactive chain of title solution. TitleTree gives TCO clients an easy-to-read visual chain of title, allowing the user to clearly identify and view each document as ownership flows from Patent to present. TitleTree makes it easy to identify breaks of chain, key mineral severances and oil and gas leasehold for fast and efficient analysis. TitleTree also generates standardized, high-quality reports that automatically calculates NRI and WI at all depths.


Land Document Database

Store digital land documents securely in TACT and access them anytime, anywhere over the cloud. Pull and store a document once, never pull it again. The TACT land document database is the foundation of the TitleSuite platform. TACT allows TCO clients to securely store their critical land documents electronically in the cloud, and links them together based on legal description. Using TACT’s inherent Common Document Recognition, TCO no longer pulls multiple documents.


TitleTree automatically calculates NRI/WI at all depths at a tract level and interest specific level when generating ownership reports.  All relevant documents are hyperlinked and the reports are all standardized

What our clients say

"Using TitleSuite has helped tremendously.  I am no longer dependent upon having a “box of docs” , pdfs back and forth and lengthy e-mails and phone calls.   With TitleSuite, since its cloud-based, both the client and I are able to freely review the documents, chain-of-title and ownership trees together."

-Ron Gill

Independent Landman, 30+ years experience

"Incorporating TitleSuite into our land business has allowed for the improvement upon our document organization and has aided in streamlining our land processes.  The ability to perform a search within our entire document library and locate a document and the associated data that I am in need of in a matter of seconds is a tremendous feature."

- David Thornquist

Massif Oil & Gas

“Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. has used the TitleSuite system on numerous occasions and to great satisfaction.  The ability to store voluminous amounts of documents i.e. an abstract without transferring hard copies to various offices and or third party attorneys is more than helpful.  It allows flexibility of work space, shared documents and simultaneous review, not to mention the reduction in physical storage space.  It is highly recommended.”

- Paul Morris

Slawson Exploration 

"I have used TitleSuite on some pretty extensive projects, and I really like the organization and time saving features that are built into the system.  It is easy to use, the more data and documents that you feed it, the more powerful it becomes.  If a document already resides in your library and it is needed for another project, it can be retrieved it in a matter of seconds and some of the pertinent information that was previously pulled from the document will auto populate for you.  TitleSuite is a great tool for managing your land projects, land teams,  and time.”

-Sheila Frazier

Crestone Peak Resources

Our power is numbers

TitleSuite was created in 2010 and throughout the years we’ve put the software to the test. Here are some numbers of what we’ve been able accomplish so far:













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