At TCO we acknowledge the condition of the industry that we find ourselves in and therefore, we have taken creative steps to adjust our business to better fit your needs.  To best support our prospective investors and operators business models that involve acquiring leaseholds and mineral interest in this down turn, we are offering a fee structure that includes interest on a “success only” basis for those clients who meet the proper criteria.

Traditionally, our business is engaged in the running of cursory, identifying owners, contacting the owners, negotiating a deal and running title.  Day rates are applied to the Landman and Land Techs assigned to each respective project.  However, as we all know in these current market conditions, many companies or investors do not have the budget to engage in traditional leasing practices.  With this being said, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the current environment and pick up acreage at lower bonuses?  So how do you juggle the two ends of the spectrum?  Easy, pay only for the deals that are made!

Take advantage of the upside of a down turn by staying aggressive, increase your holdings and pay only for your successful deals.  We will absorb the rest.  If the deals aren’t made, then your areas of interest remain confidential and your cost is zero!

For more information please contact Phil Cortese, VP of Business Development.

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