• Founded in 1958, the innovative firm has grown as the result of client loyalty
  • TCO leads the land management industry in technology-driven land services to increase efficiency, productivity and deliver a higher quality product

DENVER, CO (October 25, 2018) – TCO Land Services, the leader in technology-driven land services, today celebrates six decades of helping clients achieve their land management objectives. The company has held several events during 2018 to thank clients, current and former employees and partners for helping achieve this long and successful track record.

Wendell (Dude) Haley founded Transcontinent Oil, now TCO Land Services, in 1958, and built the business on honesty, hard work, determination and attention to detail. He built a team and reputation for delivering exceptional land services over decades, making TCO one of the industry’s oldest and most respected land services companies.

Building on the foundation Haley established, TCO has grown over the past 60 years as the result of the company’s unwavering commitment to client service, efficiency and its ability to provide expert counsel on land management matters. These attributes have earned the trust and loyalty of clients. TCO’s begins with hiring of the best talent possible and giving them the right training, tools and technology to get the job done so they can deliver high-quality outcomes for clients.

“It is a little humbling to think of how long TCO has been in business,” said Glenn Land, Executive Vice President of Land and Senior Partner. “Over the past sixty years, we have grown from a one-person land services company focused solely on the Rocky Mountains to having a deep bench of multi-disciplinary talent and expertise in nearly every active oil and gas region in the United States. Driving our growth and longevity are our core values and our ethic of continuous improvement and innovation. We have seen many cycles in the oil and gas business, and TCO has delivered consistently for clients in up and down markets.”

Importantly, TCO has led the technology revolution in delivering land services to clients with the development of its TACT/Title Tree cloud-based solution. Pam Cortese, Executive Vice President of Operations and Senior Partner said, “TACT and Title Tree represent the most efficient and transparent way to perform land services work, nationwide. We have invested a significant amount of capital into this technology-based solution, which is at the core of our client service delivery. This proprietary technology makes TCO efficient, reduces project durations and ultimately provides our clients with the most consistent, high-quality work product available in the market.”

In recent years, TCO has expanded its land services to other industries, including alternative energy. As solar and wind farms seek to expand, they inevitably run into land management issues, including the securing of surface rights, working with mineral rights owners and other factors.

Land concluded, “It has been a real privilege to be part of TCO Land Services and build on our legacy of growth and innovation, which has made the company something of an institution in the industry. Our past success was the result of hard work, a deep understanding of land management issues and building our company around the concept of the Land Service Lifecycle. We expect continued growth as more companies learn about the benefits of our technology-driven solutions and the ability to apply our expertise to new markets. There has never been a better time to be on the TCO team.”

About TCO Land Services

Since 1958, TCO Land Services is one of the longest-standing land services companies in the oil and gas industry. Our services are delivered by experienced land professionals who have delivered thousands of successful projects over a nearly 60-year track record. Our proprietary TACT | TITLE TREE technology platform ensures our work is performed efficiently, productively and that we deliver the highest quality product. Nearly six decades in business – we must be doing something right.


Phil Cortese
VP Business Development

TCO Land Services
518 17th Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (303) 298-8108
Email: [email protected]
Web: TCOLandServices.com

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