• TitleSuite is TCO’s technology-based platform for delivering the most efficient and productive land services offerings in the industry
  • New TitleSuite functionality significantly improves responsiveness to client needs and sets new standards for client service delivery and expectations
  • Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 10:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time (9:30 AM PDT; 11:30 AM CDT; 12:30 PM EDT)

DENVER, September 18, 2019 — TCO Land Services, the leader in technology-driven land services, today announced three new capabilities for its TitleSuite™ land services platform. TitleSuite is TCO’s technology-based platform for delivering efficient, high-quality land services for clients. The new functionality builds on TCO’s groundbreaking TACT | Title Tree solution and has advanced the platform so significantly that a new brand was created to recognize the improvements – TitleSuite.

TitleSuite capabilities include:

1. TitleRx (Drilling Title Curative). Accelerates, organizes and simplifies the DOTO title curing process in a shared group setting. Easily track in real-time all requirements in every spacing unit. As with the TACT database, TitleRx utilizes common curative to reduce redundancies. This saves time, overall cost and facilitates fast and efficient title curing. 

2. RollCall (Notification Lists). The RollCall module stores and memorializes all parties eligible for notification per individual state requirement for any given DSU, automatically populated with addresses with duplicate owners removed to save time and cost while reducing the risk of missing a required notice.  

3. UnitVision (Ownership Database). UnitVision allows you to instantly evaluate multiple acreage combination scenarios of any size or depth to maximize company leasehold or NRI in a given DSU. Mix and match any combination of lands and interests to see the impact of inclusion or exclusion on various lease NRIs for acquisition, acreage swaps or federal unit configuration, all with the click of a mouse.   

4. TitleTree (Visual Title Chain and Ownership Report Creation). TitleTree is TCO’s groundbreaking innovation and the industry’s original visual and interactive chain of title solution. TitleTree gives TCO clients an easy-to-read visual chain of title, allowing the user to clearly identify and view each document as ownership flows from Patent to present. TitleTree makes it easy to identify breaks of chain, key mineral severances and oil and gas leasehold for fast and efficient analysis. TitleTree also generates standardized, high-quality reports that automatically calculates NRI and WI at all depths

5. TACT (Land Document Database). The TACT land document database is the foundation of the TitleSuite platform. TACT allows TCO clients to securely store their critical land documents electronically in the cloud, and links them together based on legal description. Using TACT’s inherent Common Document Recognition, TCO no longer pulls the same document more than once for clients, reducing cost and increasing the speed of delivery.

The TitleSuite combined capabilities cover the entire land services lifecycle for TCO clients, enabling fast, efficient, accurate and cost-effective delivery of high-quality land services.

Glenn Land, Executive Vice President of Land and Senior Partner, said: “Our team’s continued innovation and application of technology for delivering land services is one of the reasons TCO has been in business for over sixty years. These latest enhancements to TitleSuite raise the bar on TCO’s capabilities and help us reduce the total cost of the land services lifecycle. The benefits to our clients are greater project efficiencies, cost transparency, lower total cost, faster project execution and a higher quality work product than they typically receive from competing options.”

Webinar Details

Representatives from TCO Land Services will provide a demonstration of the TitleSuite solution and how it helps TCO reduce the lifecycle cost of land services to its clients.

  • DATE: October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)
  • TIME: 10:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time
  • RSVP: Register Here

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