• Founded in 1958, TCO has grown through technology innovation, service quality and expansion of offerings
  • TCO is a majority woman-owned business and committed to the highest service quality

TCO Land Services and Compliance celebrates 65 years of helping clients achieve their land management and compliance objectives.

Pam Cortese, President & CEO, said, “I am so proud of our team for achieving this milestone. A lot has changed since I first joined TCO as a landman 20 years ago. We have endured multiple business cycles, technological change and a global pandemic. Our team has emerged from every challenge stronger and better prepared to meet client needs.”

Cortese continued, “One of the key reasons TCO has been around for so long is our culture of achievement, ability to adapt to changing market conditions and innovation. Early on we embraced technology for working smarter and faster. Our TitleSuite™ platform has transformed the way we deliver land services, generating tremendous improvements in productivity and efficiency, delivering a superior product and ultimately reducing project cycle times and costs to clients.”

Charting the Changes

The Energy business has changed tremendously since TCO’s founding in 1958. We track some of the most notable evolutions.

The Increased Importance of Women in Industry. Over the past two decades women have assumed greater responsibility in the traditionally male-dominated workforce. Women have risen to the highest ranks of the Energy industry, demonstrating that a diverse employee base is an effective one. Wendell (Dude) Haley founded Transcontinent Oil, now TCO Land Services, in 1958, and built the business on honesty, hard work, determination and attention to detail.

Pam Cortese has built on and extended Dude’s legacy. As a majority woman-owned business, TCO is a leader in this important trend.

Today it is not unusual for a woman TCO consultant to be sitting down with a female executive at a client company to solve a problem – something almost unheard of in 1958.

Technological Change. In 1958 oil and gas wells were drilled with diesel powered rigs operated by a Toolpusher overseeing roustabouts on the rig floor. Today, it is not uncommon for electric smart drilling rigs to be operated remotely from a control room in a high rise using high-speed connectivity and process automation technology.

Technology has changed the way TCO works, too. TCO was an early innovator in information technology when we introduced TACT™ and Title Tree™ digital land solutions. Our technology platform has evolved into TitleSuite, cloud-based software and a suite of online tools for managing, organizing and delivering our services to clients and delivering work in one-third the time at a substantial savings to traditional methods.

Expanded Footprint. Originally founded in Denver, Colorado, TCO has expanded its presence to the most active Oil & Gas regions in the nation, including Midland, Texas and West Virginia to serve clients developing and serving unconventional resource plays.

Growth of Renewables. Although Oil & Gas is a core market for TCO, we have expanded our services to the Renewable Energy industry. Renewables are the fastest growing source of power generation in the U.S. and TCO plays an essential role in helping renewable energy projects achieve their project goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our renewable energy experience includes solar farms, wind farms and battery storage projects.

Expansion of Services. As the Energy business has evolved, so has TCO to meet the changing needs of industry. Since 1958 the Energy industry has become one of the most heavily regulated in America. Today, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy companies are required to comply with a variety of regulations ranging from environmental performance to safety, change management, financial responsibility and more. TCO offers clients experienced compliance professionals capable of helping meet compliance obligations efficiently and effectively.

“What hasn’t changed over the decades is TCO’s commitment to client success.” Cortese explained, “We see change as an opportunity, not a threat. Embracing change with innovation and extreme attention to client needs makes TCO a reliable partner for helping clients overcome the challenges presented by changing market conditions, the ever-evolving regulatory environment and emerging trends and technologies.”


TCO is planning events during 2023 to thank clients, current and former employees and partners for helping achieve this long and successful track record. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

About TCO Land Services

Since 1958, TCO Land Services and Compliance is one of the longest-standing land services companies in the oil and gas industry. Our services are delivered by experienced land professionals who have delivered thousands of successful projects over a 65-year track record. Our proprietary TitleSuite™ technology platform ensures our work is performed efficiently, productively and that we deliver the highest quality product. Nearly six decades in business – we must be doing something right!


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