Much like technology has dramatically improved the efficiency of drilling operations, TCO has applied information technology to drive the efficiency, productivity and accuracy of Land Services to new heights. 

In the complex realm of Land Services, you can trust TCO for your brokerage, abstracting, running title and other needs. Our highly knowledgeable and efficient people have the expertise to manage all aspects of your project, in every drilling basin in the United States. 

With sixty plus years in land services, TCO has an intimate and extensive working knowledge of the oil and gas industry. From bull to bear markets, from straightforward to difficult court houses, we have seen and learned from it all.

See how our technology enhances project management.

Relationships are built on trust. The longstanding partnerships that we have cultivated throughout our 60 years have helped us build a reputation as a trusted partner and afford us the opportunity to negotiate in good faith on your behalf. We take pride in this reputation. 

Learn how our proprietary technology will maximize productivity and save time on your next project.

With over 60 years of experience we have title experience across the entire US and we’ve worked in all major basins. 

  • Full Title
    • Mineral, WI, NRI
    • Fee, Federal, State, BIA
  • Cursory Title 
  • Last Lease Check
  • Fly Over

TCO has worked deals of all sizes and has helped close on hundreds of thousands of acres. We will tirelessly work with you through the due diligence process to give you confidence that you are thoroughly informed and well protected.

Learn how we make the due diligence process efficient & cost effective. 



We were on the vanguard to streamline the abstracting process with our customized title software, TCO TitleSuite. 


Our experts will work with you to customize your maps to reflect the information you desire including basemaps, aerial maps, GIS databases, and everything in between. 

Learn more about TCO’s GIS GIS & Mapping capabilities and expertise. 

TCO has been working with wind and solar companies for over a decade. We can help budget cost estimates for extensive projects with our consulting services and complete any of the title, ROW and surface work as well.

See how our technology backed land services can benefit you. 

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