TRANSCONTINENT OIL (TCO) is the company you can trust when looking for help with brokerage, abstracting, running title, and any facet in the complicated realm of Land Services. Located in downtown Denver for over 50 years you can rest assured that TCO has the team to get the job done right. With a highly knowledgeable and efficient staff we can manage all aspects of your project.

TCO is now on the cutting edge of land services in the technology age. TACT and Title Tree revolutionize management of document databases and chain of title, replacing often archaic methods while creating huge cost and efficiency benefits for our clients and their attorneys. The need for these innovative programs derived from our own desires for a more efficient approach to the industry status quo. The time and cost savings have proven to be invaluable both in house and for our clients that utilize them.

We offer streamlined management solutions for your project from cursory to completion. As one of the most experienced land service companies in the Rockies, we have a team of veteran landmen to provide exceptional support. We approach each client’s needs specifically and customize our services to meet their requests. Each project is closely analyzed to ensure the best possible execution.


Title Examination

Results speak for themselves. We have received feedback on large projects, where upon purchase, there were little to no defects found in the title. More times than not, our results match that of a DTO, Division Title Opinion.

Cursory Title

TCO’s philosophy is don’t waste time or money. Get the information quickly and as efficiently as possible to determine mineral and leasehold status. With nearly 75 years of executive level experience, we’ve learned a few tricks.

Project Management

With fifty plus years in land services, TCO has an intimate working knowledge of the oil and gas industry. From bull to bear markets, from straightforward to difficult court houses, we have seen and learned from it all.

Due Diligence

TCO has worked deals of all sizes and has helped close on hundreds of thousands of acres. We will effortlessly work with you through the due diligence process so you will feel confident you’re thoroughly informed and safely protected.


We were on the vanguard to streamline the abstracting process with our customized abstracting software, Title Abstract Custom Technology, TACT. We continue to be an industry leader with the development of Title Tree.

Leasing and Surface Use Negotiating

It’s all about trusting relationships. With longstanding partnerships we’ve cultivated throughout our 60 years, we take pride in our well known and trusted reputation in the oil and land service industry.

Mineral Buying

Evaluating the deal is only half of the battle. Our knowledge in areas of interest span many basins. Not only can we secure the deal, we can assist in collecting the data to help you evaluate it.

GIS Mapping

Our experts will work with you to customize your maps to reflect the information you desire including basemaps, aerial maps, GIS databases, and everything in between.

Federal, State, BIA

TCO has run thousands of case files. We can seamlessly research the data from the county, state and federal offices to provide a comprehensive report.

TACT represents a revolutionary change in abstract compilation and data management. As a cloud based system, TACT provides a level of flexibility and mobility that has never existed in the industry. The idea stemmed from our need for a more organized and effective way for dealing with large abstracts and boxes of documents. The result is a streamlined and efficient system that saves valuable time and money. To visit the TACT website, click here.


  • Cloud based – securely access abstracts and document database 24/7
  • One central access point for all data, including maps and plats, indexes, tax records, liens and judgements searches, and state, BLM, or BIA files associated with a spacing unit
  • Efficiently organizes documents and abstracts
  • Intuitive user interface
  • View any document anywhere, anytime


  • Efficiently organizes documents and abstracts
  • Common document recognition
  • Never pay for a document twice
  • Creates a company standard for data entry
  • Allows future projects to build on existing document library
  • Autofills existing document information – cutting entry time significantly
  • Great for abstracting or title projects


  • Your data is completely invisible to everyone… even us!
  • Only users that are given proper access can see content in TACT
  • Data is stored onsite in our server and automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Our cloud storage follows ISO 27001 standards

With its natural link to the TACT abstract database, TACT Title Tree takes all the benefits of TACT a step further by adding the ability to easily construct a visual chain of title representing the history of chronological ownership that can be shared, printed, modified, and updated. To visit the Title Tree website, click here.


  • Links and stores all documents of record in a cloud to a specific owner
  • Provides a complete visual representation of Patent to Present title
  • One time data entry – no need to retype the same information over again
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Ability to revisit title chain with absolute clarity


  • No more handwriting title chains
  • Creates a company standard on running title
  • Saves time and money by increasing efficiency
  • Oil and gas industry specific
  • Works seamlessly with TACT software
  • Allows law firms to maximize resources and potentially increase attorney staff and production


  • Your data is completely invisible to everyone… even us!
  • Only users that are given proper access can see content in TACT
  • Data is stored onsite in our server and automatically backed up in the cloud
  • Our cloud storage follows ISO 27001 standards

ArcGIS Mapping Services


TCO has the ability to make your project come to life visually. We can create ArcGIS plots for instant base maps that incorporate aerial photography, surface use, topographic limitations, federal leasehold, and current production information by utilizing the vast amount of data available online.


  • ArcGIS cartography and map production including aerial imagery, topographic, Google street maps
  • Oil and Gas Analysis
  • AutoCAD
  • Spatial Modeling


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