Land records are among the most critical documents in closing an oil and gas transaction. E&P companies. This white paper describes how TCO’s technology helps companies close faster with a cloud-based, single source of information for land assets throughout the Land Services Lifecycle.

Taking a lifecycle approach to Land Services is a strategic one, and E&P operators that adopt it can benefit from more nimble responses to opportunities, lower total costs and greater value for assets if divested. In this white paper, we cover the Land Services Lifecycle and the benefits of adopting this approach.

An issue we often see in land, is companies paying for the same information over and over. Learn more about how TACT | TITLE TREE leverages Common Document Recognition technology to increase efficiency for the life of your project including cursory, title and abstracts, as well as any future projects. 

Land work typically involves complicated emails, thumb drives being exchanged, phone calls back and forth, and worst of all work being duplicated. Learn how TACT | Title Tree eliminates these inefficiencies and streamlines the process, saving you time, money and headaches.

We’ve all been there: You need to revisit an old title chain or review title work that was performed by a former employee but the paper is crumpled, the hand writing illegible, or worse of all they didn’t leave a chain or support documents in the title folder. Learn how TCO’s technology can help solve these problems. 

Everyone has different ways of running title and this can become problematic, especially if you’re managing a large crew. Learn how TITLE TREE creates a standard on how title is run company wide, meaning anyone will be able to revisit title with complete clarity.