Renewables and Alternative Energy

renewable energy

Land Services for renewable and alternative energy projects:

  • Evaluate parcels and mineral ownership
  • Run full title to identify mortgages, liens, any encumbrances on affected lands.
  • Provide detailed mineral ownership reports for title commitments
  • Develop budget cost estimates
  • Provide right-of-way/easements negotiation and securement of waivers, if necessary


Seamless project management. From up front planning and budgeting, negotiation and securement of waivers, to detailed ownership reports, our expertise will help move your wind or solar project seamlessly through the land procurement and securement process.

Minimize risk. Reduce the chance for rework by organizing and planning early in the project. Through our existing relationships, we understand the intricacies and expectations of many title companies and insurers, and we execute the exact deliverables to satisfy their requirements.

Save valuable dollars. We help you save money later by providing cursory or full title for any sized wind or solar project. We provide a cured title chain with one spot for documents to keep the project organized and for maximum transparency. We utilize the same efficiency and accuracy as we have been executing on oil and gas land projects for decades. 

Key Contact

Tim Hartnett

Renewables Project Manager
(303) 298 – 8108
[email protected]

Technology-Driven Land Services. 

Learn more about TCO TitleSuite, our groundbreaking technology-based land services delivery platform.

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