TCO Land Services has been serving the oil and gas industry for 60 years, and since our founding in 1958, we have seen the Oil and Gas industry evolve tremendously. The business has moved from conventional to resource plays, from vertical to horizontal drilling and from low-tech services to high-tech computer controlled drilling and completions. Although our industry produces the same commodities it did six decades ago, technology has made today’s operations more efficient and productive than ever before.

TCO is leading the technological evolution in land services with our TACT | TITLE TREE technology-based solution. We invested in this platform to drive operational efficiency, productivity and improve workflow management to create better outcomes for our clients.  TACT | TITLE TREE has revolutionized and dramatically improved the way we deliver on everyday land services, like abstracting, running  title and report generation.

An issue we often see in land, is companies paying for the same information over and over. TACT | TITLE TREE allows us to create a superior organized document library for our clients. The result is increased efficiency for the life of your project including cursory, title and abstracts, as well as any future projects. Common Document Recognition is an example of this efficiency in action. The redundancy and cost associated with pulling the same document multiple times is eliminated. With TACT | TITLE TREE, TCO professionals pull and brief a document once. That document then carries throughout the rest of the project with no additional typing required.

Also, because TACT | TITLE TREE electronically archives and memorializes essential recorded documents, they can be easily found again for your current and future projects. The more you use TCO, the more you benefit.

Our proprietary technology can generate significant improvements in project efficiency and productivity. Our clients appreciate our high quality and standardized product that we deliver. All of the functions that we have built into our system can contribute to a reduction in the number of man-hours associated with land services.

When considering land services, TCO can help you get it done efficiently and accurately while delivering a superior product.

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