December 19, 2023

TCO Land Services and Compliance, the leading provider of land services and regulatory compliance solutions to the petroleum and renewable energy industries, proudly announces that our President and CEO, Pam Cortese, has been honored with the prestigious title of “Landman of the Year” by the Denver Association of Professional Landmen (DAPL).

The Denver Association of Professional Landmen, a highly respected organization in the energy sector, has recognized Pam Cortese for her outstanding contributions, dedication, and exceptional leadership in the field of land management. Pam’s impressive career in the petroleum industry, marked by her expertise and commitment to ethical standards, has made a profound impact on the industry.

Under Pam’s leadership, TCO has adapted successfully to changing market conditions and helped modernize the delivery of land services with technological innovation, setting new standards for performance, quality and client service. She has a fierce dedication to getting it right and will not hesitate to roll-up her sleeves to help the team meet and exceed client expectations!

Pam Cortese, President and CEO (second from right), shows off her Landman of The Year award along with recipients of other recognitions.

Pam continues to build on TCO’s legacy of service spanning more than 65 years and inspires the TCO team to strive for the highest quality of service.

This accolade is a testament to Pam Cortese’s unwavering dedication and commitment to promoting best practices in land management. Her exceptional leadership has not only benefited TCO but has also made a positive difference in the broader community of land professionals.

This prestigious award highlights Pam’s significant contributions to the field of land management and her commitment to promoting best practices. It serves as a source of inspiration for our entire team at TCO and underscores our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our work.

TCO is a majority woman-owned business.

About the Denver Association of Professional Landmen

Founded in 1952, the Denver Association of Professional Landmen (DAPL) is one of the largest Landman associations in the United States. As a non-profit organization, its primary objectives are to advance the profession of landwork; advocate continuing education; uphold the honor and integrity of the oil, gas and minerals industry; cultivate cordial relationships among its members; perpetuate the history of the land profession and the memory of its members; and abide by, foster and uphold its code of ethics.

About TCO Land Services and Compliance

TCO Land Services, founded in 1958, is a leading provider of land management services in the petroleum and renewable energy industries. With a commitment to excellence, ethics and innovation, TCO has been serving the energy sector for 65 years, providing comprehensive land services and regulatory compliance solutions to clients in every active energy development region. TCO is a majority woman-owned business.

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