We at TCO, were proud to once again attend NAPE in Denver.  The timing was great for us since we were able to showcase our TACT | Title Tree software, specifically highlighting our “Ownership Report” generating function.  We are now turning out ownership reports in a matter of minutes, compared to what use to take us a couple of days when we produced them using older traditional methods.

We continue to evolve and expand upon the many features that we have built into our software. Many of these features have stemmed from our own drive to increase our work efficiency, as well as from the positive feedback that we receive from our clients.

Although the overall attendance at NAPE was low this year, as one of the few brokerage firms exhibiting, we managed to attract a good amount of attention and we were able to foster great introductions and engage with many of the attendees.  This allowed us to communicate how others may also benefit by incorporating TACT | Title Tree into their land practices.


Glenn Land giving a presentation on the TACT | Title Tree Philosophy

Our EVP, Glenn Land, was given the opportunity to present on the topic of the TACT | Title Tree philosophy.  He delivered our presentation titled: “Advances in Land Services Technology – TACT | Title Tree”.  The presentation covered the topics of how the idea came about by us wanting to become more efficient in our land processes as well as standardizing the way that we work and conduct our business.  Glenn also touched on how we identified many of the inefficient practices that occur, and how we did our best to eliminate them.

Glenn’s presentation was well attended and received and we were able to gain additional interest as well as set up multiple demonstrations.  We are excited about our new contacts as well as the opportunity to present to them so that they also may utilize this available technology and become more efficient also.


Contact us today to learn more about the TACT | Title Tree Philosophy and schedule a demo!


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