Surface Use Agreement

Securing Surface Use Agreements (SUA) for Keeping Projects on Track

Securing reliable surface access to energy production, transportation and storage operations is essential for creating an efficient and safe work environment. TCO can help you obtain the easements and access needed for your Energy operations, including oil and gas, solar farms, wind farms, centralized production facilities and more.

We understand that relationships are built on trust, and our professionals have established themselves as trusted representatives working to achieve results and solve challenges in an amicable way that preserves long-term confidence with all parties.

The longstanding partnerships that we have cultivated throughout our 60 years have helped us build a reputation as a trusted partner and afford us the opportunity to negotiate in good faith on your behalf. We take pride in this reputation.

Surface Use Agreement Expertise:

  • Surface Use rights for new construction
  • Access for operations
  • Infrastructure maintenance replacement
  • Auditing of locations and sites
  • Oil and gas operations, including drill sites, well sites, as well as centralized production and storage facilities
  • Renewable energy operations, including wind farms and solar farms
  • Access to Federal lands
  • Surface damage claim negotiation and settlement

You can rely on experienced TCO Project Managers to secure the agreements your operations need to work efficiently and safe.

The Technology Advantage – TitleSuite

Our TitleSuite technology platform, built by our own professional landmen, gives us the power to execute complex or simple negotiations to help you achieve your business objectives more efficiently, productively, and accurately.

That means projects get done faster, more accurately, and efficiently with complete transparency.

Technology-Driven Land Services.

Learn more about TCO TitleSuite, our groundbreaking technology-based land services delivery platform.
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