Revolutionizing Title Abstracting

Historically, title abstracting was an artisanal process, with landmen frequently taking their own approach to creating the Abstract and the final work product. TCO provides you with an accurate and high-quality Abstract in most cases faster and more efficiently than competing firms.

We have experience providing title abstracts for a variety of projects, including:

  • Oil & Gas development
  • Utility-scale renewable energy projects
  • Minerals acquisitions
  • Sales, mergers, and acquisitions of energy assets and infrastructure

The Technology Advantage – TitleSuite

The difference is our TitleSuite technology platform, which efficiently and accurately prepares abstracts for any project, large or small.

TitleSuite technology platform helps us examine even the most complex of title quickly and accurately and assemble all the critical documents in one place efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively. We ensure the process from start to finish is complete and accurate, tying everything together in a visual representation that is easy for you to follow and built to continuously benefit future projects.

TitleSuite digitizes all documents to make them searchable, so you can quickly find and navigate to the documents you need.

Technology-Driven Land Services. 

Learn more about TCO TitleSuite, our groundbreaking technology-based land services delivery platform.

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