Land Services Overview

Technology-Driven Land Services. 

TCO Land Services provides a comprehensive lineup of technology-based services that deliver a consistent, high-quality product in a more efficient way. That means projects get done faster, more accurately and efficiently. 

In the complex realm of Land Services, you can trust TCO for your brokerage, abstracting, running title and other needs. Our experienced professionals backed by robust technology have the expertise to manage all aspects of your project in every drilling basin in the United States.


TitleSuite is our technology platform for delivering land services more efficiently, productively, and accurately. 

That means projects get done faster, more accurately, and efficiently with complete transparency.

TitleSuite allows us to be masters in efficiency. With technology backing every project, our clients receive organized, interactive, and memorialized projects that are easily accessed from anywhere. Over 142 companies and 763 users trust TitleSuite with their critical land records.

Core Land Services

President and CEO Pam Cortese talks about how TCO became the leader in Technology-Driven Land Services and how it benefits our clients. 

The TCO Land Services Difference

Our competitive advantage is based on our experience and groundbreaking TitleSuite technology platform.

  • 60+ years of experience
  • TitleSuite technology platform
  • Skilled professionals that know the oil and gas and Alternative energy businesses

The benefits of Technology-Driven Land Services include:

  • Consistent, high-quality work product
  • Shorter project duration
  • Elimination of redundancy and rework
  • Improved accuracy 

Learn more about TCO TitleSuite, our groundbreaking technology-based land services delivery platform.

Need Compliance help? Check out TCO Compliance Services for assistance with permitting, regulatory compliance, environmental, safety, compliance assurance, EHS systems and other.