As a land service company that’s been around for over 50 years, TCO has witnessed a lot of changes in technology. In early 2008, we became aware of industry inefficiencies in land services and started looking for a better way to organize and run projects from inception to drilling. After a fruitless search for existing solutions, we decided to create something that combined traditional abstracting practices and technology. TACT has evolved ever since and is now the gold standard for abstracting software and document organization. Throughout the years we’ve had hundreds of clients happily use TACT to help streamline their projects and drastically increase their bottom line.

Here are some of the benefits that set TACT apart:



The TACT login process was specifically designed to prevent TCO or any other third party from accessing your identity or information entered into the TACT database. You control who can access or alter your data. All information is backed up on and protected by an independent service with highly secure information protocol.


Save time and money with the common document feature. If the document exists in your online, document library, TACT will auto-populate information cutting down on not only the cost of tasking someone to pull that document again, but also the cost associated with entering the information. Instead of searching through banker’s boxes or a computer hard drive full of random document folders, all images are linked directly to the correct document. The amount of time and money spent in the courthouse, albeit brick and mortar or online, will dramatically decrease the more you utilize this powerful system.


TACT efficiently organizes all your documents in one place that can be easily accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Future projects build on existing document libraries so your common documents are constantly expanding the more you use it. Easily isolate specific information within your project or search across your entire library of documents in seconds.


TACT communicates seamlessly with Excel. If you have data that’s already been entered in Excel simply manipulate the data in the designated order and import it directly into TACT. You can also export information from TACT into Excel.


When designing TACT’s pricing structure, we kept the current state of the industry in mind. We didn’t want our customer’s to pay for something that they may not be using every month. TACT users are charged on a per document basis with fees that are considerably less than the cost of copying documents. That’s it! There are no monthly or yearly licensing fees.


TACT makes it easy to access your information on the go. Easily view your abstract and documents 24/7 with cloud based technology. Because everything is in the cloud there are no updates to keep track of. Simply log in and all your information is right where you need it.

With a slight adjustment to your current processes, your business can become standardized, organized and greatly more efficient in terms of saving money and time.

Tact | Title Tree users have stated that when considering the features that we have built into our software system, it previously cost them more money to conduct their business utilizing the conventional outdated methods and tools that were available. The money that our customers save far outweighs the cost to use this software. If you represent an E&P Company, a Title Attorney, or a Land Brokerage Company and you are interested in saving money and time by making a slight change to your current land, title and reporting processes then be sure to contact us and we will be happy to show you how this is achieved.

TACT is such a powerful tool and we have clients that vow they’ll never use anything else. We know that once you try it out you’ll agree. Contact us today to schedule a free demo! Contact us today to schedule a free demo!



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