How do you typically run out your title? Do you prefer the old school pencil and paper route? Or do you utilize technology by chaining ownership in a spreadsheet. Maybe a flow-charting software is more your style because of the visual aspect. These are all fine ways of running title but what if there was software that combined the best of all of these methods into one efficient process? Introducing TITLE TREE – the evolution in running title.

TITLE TREE seamlessly combines title and technology, making the entire process faster and more efficient. An attorney that loved using the premier abstracting software TACT saw the incredible organizational capabilities and urged us to allow users to build title chains using the powerful database. TITLE TREE takes all the benefits of TACT a step further by adding the ability to easily construct a visual chain of title that can be shared, modified, and updated.

What makes TITLE TREE different?


Standardize the way you run title

Everyone has different ways of running title and this can become problematic, especially if you’re managing a large crew. TITLE TREE creates a standard on how title is run company wide, meaning anyone will be able to revisit title with complete clarity. When an employee leaves, their replacement will be able to pick up right where they left off. Having a standard also makes title updates a breeze.

Only type document information once

While there are other tools available, a redundancy exists where you will need to type data multiple times throughout these processes. Enter document data in TACT and that information carries over to TITLE TREE as well as when generating ownership reports. This allows you to eliminate repetitive data entry and focus on what is actually happening in the chain, not making sure names are spelled correctly.

Create an interactive title chain

TITLE TREE pulls from TACT’s database and uses drag and drop functionality to help you create a chain of title that can be manipulated and interacted with easily. Different types of ownership are color coded so you’re able to quickly focus on certain areas of the chain. Document images are attached and accessible for effortless reviewing.

Create a collaborative environment

TITLE TREE allows for several parties to work on a project together. Users are able to flag items as problematic to draw attention to potential issues and write notes about specific document concerns. If an issue needs to be discussed, all parties can log on and quickly review the chain together without needing to type lengthy emails back and forth.

Cloud based

Instead of hauling around banker’s boxes full of documents or constantly saving document information to a desktop, TITLE TREE allows you to access information anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Simply login and your data is exactly where you need it.

Generate ownership reports with one click

After you’re done creating your TITLE TREE, you can quickly generate ownership, working interest and run sheet reports with a click of a button. Choose the relevant data, click a button and TITLE TREE auto-populates your information in seconds instead of hours or days. Within this feature we have also included an ownership calculator that allows you to perform a quick check of ownership, whether you are tracking minerals, surface or right of way.

The screen shot below is an example of the kind of report TITLE TREE can generate quickly and easily.

Save money and time by making a slight adjustment to the method that you are already utilizing to build abstracts, run title and generate reports. By incorporating Tact | Title Tree into your business processes, you will realize that the money and time that our software will save you will more than pay for itself. If you are interested in how you can save money and become more efficient running your business while providing a great product, then we can show you how.


While these are some of the major benefits of the TITLE TREE system, there are so many more features that can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

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