Land work typically has many moving parts. From gathering documents, to chaining out title, to approving payment, to securing curative, one project may pass through several different hands at several different shops. The process can involve complicated emails, thumb drives being exchanged, phone calls back and forth, and worst of all work being duplicated. TACT | Title Tree eliminates the inefficiencies that typically surround land projects. By streamlining the process, you’re able to save time, money, and headaches.  Here’s how it works …

Multiple Users

With TACT | Title Tree, managers are able to delegate users to specific projects or lands and completely control access levels. Users are given access to see one DSU or see them all.  It’s up to you.  Users are able to login anytime, anywhere and begin work on their projects. Let’s say that you’re in Salt Lake City and your landman is in Texas. By simply logging into TACT | Title Tree they’ll be able to contribute to the same project immediately and the managing party can monitor the progress in real time. Users are also able to work on the same project simultaneously so you can get it done faster with no chance of overlapping or duplicating work.

The screen shot below shows how users can collaborate in real-time using TACT | Title Tree.

Seamless Relay

When you have multiple people working on various parts of a project things can get messy quickly, especially in the passing off of materials. With TACT | Title Tree the relay of information is seamless. Because everything is in the cloud, the next user simply has to log in and pick up where the project was left off.

For example:

A land tech gathers documents and enters the information in TACT. Once they’re finished, a landman logs in and begins to interpret the documents and run out the title in Title Tree. When they’re done a manager can jump on, review the title, and approve payment. Everything is exactly where each person needs it to be.

Figure it out, together

Say there’s an issue with a particular part of your ownership chain and you need an extra set of eyes to determine the result. Instead of typing out a longwinded email explaining what’s happening in the chain, attaching documents, and then awaiting their reply, you could simply both login and discuss the issue in real time. The chain is right in front of each of you and every document has the corresponding image attached and available for immediate review.  With the issues “flagged as problematic” and with an area for the landman/attorney to put notes explaining the problem, not only can you effortlessly solve the title issue, but you will have an easy point of access to revisit the issue when it comes up again down the road.  In short, with Tact/Title Tree, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time an issue reappears.

TACT | Title Tree allows land teams to work together collaboratively and harmoniously. By making a slight adjustment to the processes that you currently have in place, you ’will cut costs and eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining and standardizing your project process.

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