This time of year is always an important reminder to stop and reflect on what you’re thankful for. At TCO we’re very grateful for the busy year we have had and we wanted to give back to our community and those that are less fortunate.  The Denver Rescue Mission helps provide the homeless population of Denver with rehabilitation resources including food, shelter, clothing, spiritual guidance, and work discipline. This year TCO made a donation to help provide hot meals to those in need. If you’re interested in joining us please follow this link to learn how you can donate.





Land work typically has many moving parts. From gathering documents, to chaining out title, to approving payment, to securing curative, one project may pass through several different hands at several different shops. The process can involve complicated emails, thumb drives being exchanged, phone calls back and forth, and worst of all work being duplicated. TACT | Title Tree eliminates the inefficiencies that typically surround land projects. By streamlining the process, you’re able to save time, money, and headaches.  Here’s how it works …


Multiple Users

With TACT | Title Tree, managers are able to delegate users to specific projects or lands and completely control access levels. Users are given access to see one DSU or see them all.  It’s up to you.  Users are able to login anytime, anywhere and begin work on their projects. Let’s say that you’re in Salt Lake City and your landman is in Texas. By simply logging into TACT | Title Tree they’ll be able to contribute to the same project immediately and the managing party can monitor the progress in real time. Users are also able to work on the same project simultaneously so you can get it done faster with no chance of overlapping or duplicating work.

collaborative_user screenshot


Seamless Relay

When you have multiple people working on various parts of a project things can get messy quickly, especially in the passing off of materials. With TACT | Title Tree the relay of information is seamless. Because everything is in the cloud, the next user simply has to log in and pick up where the project was left off.

For example:

A land tech gathers documents and enters the information in TACT. Once they’re finished, a landman logs in and begins to interpret the documents and run out the title in Title Tree. When they’re done a manager can jump on, review the title, and approve payment. Everything is exactly where each person needs it to be.


Figure it out, together

Say there’s an issue with a particular part of your ownership chain and you need an extra set of eyes to determine the result. Instead of typing out a longwinded email explaining what’s happening in the chain, attaching documents, and then awaiting their reply, you could simply both login and discuss the issue in real time. The chain is right in front of each of you and every document has the corresponding image attached and available for immediate review.  With the issues “flagged as problematic” and with an area for the landman/attorney to put notes explaining the problem, not only can you effortlessly solve the title issue, but you will have an easy point of access to revisit the issue when it comes up again down the road.  In short, with Tact/Title Tree, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time an issue reappears.

Over the shoulder shot of a caucasian man talking on the phone while working on his laptop computer in a public co-working space

TACT | Title Tree allows land teams to work together collaboratively and harmoniously. By making a slight adjustment to the processes that you currently have in place, you ’will cut costs and eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining and standardizing your project process.  Contact us today and see how TACT | Title Tree can help your team be as efficient and successful as possible!


Investments in technology help reduce redundancy and increase the productivity of landmen. When it comes to running title, you only “pull once, pay once” with TCO’s proprietary TACT/Title Tree application. Your operations don’t suffer from a lack of technology, why should your land services?

Download our free white paper, Technology Drives the Value of Land Services now and discover how TCO uses technology to solve land services needs efficiently and productively.


We at TCO, were proud to once again attend NAPE in Denver.  The timing was great for us since we were able to showcase our TACT | Title Tree software, specifically highlighting our “Ownership Report” generating function.  We are now turning out ownership reports in a matter of minutes, compared to what use to take us a couple of days when we produced them using older traditional methods.

We continue to evolve and expand upon the many features that we have built into our software. Many of these features have stemmed from our own drive to increase our work efficiency, as well as from the positive feedback that we receive from our clients.

Although the overall attendance at NAPE was low this year, as one of the few brokerage firms exhibiting, we managed to attract a good amount of attention and we were able to foster great introductions and engage with many of the attendees.  This allowed us to communicate how others may also benefit by incorporating TACT | Title Tree into their land practices.


Glenn Land giving a presentation on the TACT | Title Tree Philosophy

Our EVP, Glenn Land, was given the opportunity to present on the topic of the TACT | Title Tree philosophy.  He delivered our presentation titled: “Advances in Land Services Technology – TACT | Title Tree”.  The presentation covered the topics of how the idea came about by us wanting to become more efficient in our land processes as well as standardizing the way that we work and conduct our business.  Glenn also touched on how we identified many of the inefficient practices that occur, and how we did our best to eliminate them.

Glenn’s presentation was well attended and received and we were able to gain additional interest as well as set up multiple demonstrations.  We are excited about our new contacts as well as the opportunity to present to them so that they also may utilize this available technology and become more efficient also.


Contact us today to learn more about the TACT | Title Tree Philosophy and schedule a demo!


Great news!


Energy measures fail to make November ballot

Backers of No. 75 and 78 fall short


DENVER, Aug. 29, 2016 — Two proposed ballot measures aimed at adding more limitations on oil and natural gas drilling in Colorado failed to make the November ballot because supporters didn’t collect enough valid voter signatures, Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced today.

Citizens who are trying to get an issue on the ballot must submit 98,492 voter signatures. Supporters of the two measures collected more than that for each proposal, but not enough to compensate for the number of signatures that were rejected during the random sample. Initiative No. 75 would have given local governments the authority to regulate oil-and-gas development, including banning fracking. Initiative No. 78called for a mandatory 2,500-foot setback around oil-and-gas operations.

The proponents have 30 days from today to appeal the decision to the Denver District Court.  

The energy proposals were among nine citizen-initiated measures that were submitted for the November ballot. The other seven efforts were successful.

Petition signatures lines are reviewed by a separate state agency under the Department of Personnel and Administration. A 5-percent random sample must project the number of valid signatures to be greater than 110 percent of the total number of signatures required for placement on the ballot. 

Of note: For No. 78, the petition processing team identified a petition section that contains several potentially forged signature lines. Although the Secretary of State does not conduct signature verification when reviewing petitions, our office has referred the questionable section to the Attorney General’s office for investigation. The section, numbered 2109, had no lines marked for review in the random sample.


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We’ve all been there: You need to revisit an old title chain or review title work that was performed by a former employee but the paper is crumpled, the hand writing illegible, or worse of all they didn’t leave a chain or support documents in the title folder. Even if the work was done on a computer, it can be difficult following what’s going on in the chain and determining how they came to certain conclusions. It can be such a drain on resources to recreate the work or spend hours attempting to follow the logic of their chicken scratch title chain or disorganized flow chart.


Chicken Scratch


How unorganized title chain impacts your business

Besides the sheer annoyance of having an inconsistent company method for running title, it can also affect your bottom line. For example, if you have an old title chain that was hand written, you may use hours of valuable time trying to comprehend what is in the chain or you may just have to create a new one entirely. Depending on the pay grade of the employee delegated with this task, you could spend $100’s -$1000’s each time. If the chain is done on a computer, employees can spend hours creating a flow chart or excel spreadsheet that makes sense to them but that is difficult for others to understand. There are so many opportunities for confusion and miscommunication when you don’t have a company standard for writing title chain and the costs can add up quickly. If only there was a way in which this was all standardized. Now there is…

How Title Tree came to be

At TCO, we realized the inefficiencies that occurred when we ran title. We tried land management software but most yielded results similar to a title brief and lacked the visual aspect. Next we tried flow charting software but found them time consuming and weren’t tailored to our industry. Unsatisfied with the options that were available, we decided to create our own system that was oil and gas industry specific. From this need, Title Tree was born, the first of its kind.


TACT screenshot


So what is Title Tree?

Title Tree is a cloud based title chain software that allows all users to view a title chain with absolute clarity. The program uses TCO’s abstracting software called TACT to auto-populate information. This means that the user only has to enter document information once for the entirety of the project whether the document appears in one location or thousands. Users can quickly drag and drop information to create an easy to read title chain along with single click document access of vesting or support documents all in a central source location. The data is backed up instantly and can be accessed 24/7. There are no more crumpled papers, illegible handwriting, or unorganized flow. The entire company adopts a standardized way of creating title chains. This allows efficiency within the company that saves valuable time and money. Employees can easily navigate any chain, from anyone, anytime.

We’re proud of the system we’ve created and we’re excited to show the rest of industry how efficient Title Tree is.

Contact us today to learn more about Title Tree and how it can help you create a company standard for running title.


Don’t recreate the wheel, create a Standard for chaining title. TITLE TREE

As a land service company that’s been around for over 50 years, TCO has witnessed a lot of changes in technology. In early 2008, we became aware of industry inefficiencies in land services and started looking for a better way to organize and run projects from inception to drilling. After a fruitless search for existing solutions, we decided to create something that combined traditional abstracting practices and technology. TACT has evolved ever since and is now the gold standard for abstracting software and document organization. Throughout the years we’ve had hundreds of clients happily use TACT to help streamline their projects and drastically increase their bottom line.

Here are some of the benefits that set TACT apart:



The TACT login process was specifically designed to prevent TCO or any other third party from accessing your identity or information entered into the TACT database. You control who can access or alter your data. All information is backed up on and protected by an independent service with highly secure information protocol.


Save time and money with the common document feature. If the document exists in your online, document library, TACT will auto-populate information cutting down on not only the cost of tasking someone to pull that document again, but also the cost associated with entering the information. Instead of searching through banker’s boxes or a computer hard drive full of random document folders, all images are linked directly to the correct document. The amount of time and money spent in the courthouse, albeit brick and mortar or online, will dramatically decrease the more you utilize this powerful system.


TACT efficiently organizes all your documents in one place that can be easily accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Future projects build on existing document libraries so your common documents are constantly expanding the more you use it. Easily isolate specific information within your project or search across your entire library of documents in seconds.


TACT communicates seamlessly with Excel. If you have data that’s already been entered in Excel simply manipulate the data in the designated order and import it directly into TACT. You can also export information from TACT into Excel.


When designing TACT’s pricing structure, we kept the current state of the industry in mind. We didn’t want our customer’s to pay for something that they may not be using every month. TACT users are charged on a per document basis with fees that are considerably less than the cost of copying documents. That’s it! There are no monthly or yearly licensing fees.


TACT makes it easy to access your information on the go. Easily view your abstract and documents 24/7 with cloud based technology. Because everything is in the cloud there are no updates to keep track of. Simply log in and all your information is right where you need it.

With a slight adjustment to your current processes, your business can become standardized, organized and greatly more efficient in terms of saving money and time.

Tact | Title Tree users have stated that when considering the features that we have built into our software system, it previously cost them more money to conduct their business utilizing the conventional outdated methods and tools that were available. The money that our customers save far outweighs the cost to use this software. If you represent an E&P Company, a Title Attorney, or a Land Brokerage Company and you are interested in saving money and time by making a slight change to your current land, title and reporting processes then be sure to contact us and we will be happy to show you how this is achieved.

TACT is such a powerful tool and we have clients that vow they’ll never use anything else. We know that once you try it out you’ll agree. Contact us today to schedule a free demo! Contact us today to schedule a free demo!



How do you typically run out your title? Do you prefer the old school pencil and paper route? Or do you utilize technology by chaining ownership in a spreadsheet. Maybe a flow-charting software is more your style because of the visual aspect. These are all fine ways of running title but what if there was software that combined the best of all of these methods into one efficient process? Introducing TITLE TREE – the evolution in running title.

TITLE TREE seamlessly combines title and technology, making the entire process faster and more efficient. An attorney that loved using the premier abstracting software TACT saw the incredible organizational capabilities and urged us to allow users to build title chains using the powerful database. TITLE TREE takes all the benefits of TACT a step further by adding the ability to easily construct a visual chain of title that can be shared, modified, and updated.

What makes TITLE TREE different?


Standardize the way you run title

Everyone has different ways of running title and this can become problematic, especially if you’re managing a large crew. TITLE TREE creates a standard on how title is run company wide, meaning anyone will be able to revisit title with complete clarity. When an employee leaves, their replacement will be able to pick up right where they left off. Having a standard also makes title updates a breeze.

Only type document information once

While there are other tools available, a redundancy exists where you will need to type data multiple times throughout these processes. Enter document data in TACT and that information carries over to TITLE TREE as well as when generating ownership reports. This allows you to eliminate repetitive data entry and focus on what is actually happening in the chain, not making sure names are spelled correctly.

Create an interactive title chain

TITLE TREE pulls from TACT’s database and uses drag and drop functionality to help you create a chain of title that can be manipulated and interacted with easily. Different types of ownership are color coded so you’re able to quickly focus on certain areas of the chain. Document images are attached and accessible for effortless reviewing.

Create a collaborative environment

TITLE TREE allows for several parties to work on a project together. Users are able to flag items as problematic to draw attention to potential issues and write notes about specific document concerns. If an issue needs to be discussed, all parties can log on and quickly review the chain together without needing to type lengthy emails back and forth.

Cloud based

Instead of hauling around banker’s boxes full of documents or constantly saving document information to a desktop, TITLE TREE allows you to access information anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Simply login and your data is exactly where you need it.

Generate ownership reports with one click

After you’re done creating your TITLE TREE, you can quickly generate ownership, working interest and run sheet reports with a click of a button. Choose the relevant data, click a button and TITLE TREE auto-populates your information in seconds instead of hours or days. Within this feature we have also included an ownership calculator that allows you to perform a quick check of ownership, whether you are tracking minerals, surface or right of way.

title chain on title tree


Save money and time by making a slight adjustment to the method that you are already utilizing to build abstracts, run title and generate reports. By incorporating Tact | Title Tree into your business processes, you will realize that the money and time that our software will save you will more than pay for itself. If you are interested in how you can save money and become more efficient running your business while providing a great product, then we can show you how.

While these are some of the major benefits of the TITLE TREE system, there are so many more features that can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

Contact us today to schedule a demo!

At TCO we acknowledge the condition of the industry that we find ourselves in and therefore, we have taken creative steps to adjust our business to better fit your needs.  To best support our prospective investors and operators business models that involve acquiring leaseholds and mineral interest in this down turn, we are offering a fee structure that includes interest on a “success only” basis for those clients who meet the proper criteria.

Traditionally, our business is engaged in the running of cursory, identifying owners, contacting the owners, negotiating a deal and running title.  Day rates are applied to the Landman and Land Techs assigned to each respective project.  However, as we all know in these current market conditions, many companies or investors do not have the budget to engage in traditional leasing practices.  With this being said, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the current environment and pick up acreage at lower bonuses?  So how do you juggle the two ends of the spectrum?  Easy, pay only for the deals that are made!

Take advantage of the upside of a down turn by staying aggressive, increase your holdings and pay only for your successful deals.  We will absorb the rest.  If the deals aren’t made, then your areas of interest remain confidential and your cost is zero!

For more information please contact Phil Cortese, VP of Business Development.

TACT | Title Tree made it’s debut this year at Rockies NAPE and was extremely well received. Despite the smaller than normal crowd, attendees were excited about the new technology and the opportunity to become more efficient. Title Tree is going to help companies capitalize on efficiency during the down time by streamlining data organization and standardizing the way the industry runs title. We’re excited about the official launch in 2016 and what the year will bring for Title Tree!